Ariadne Shehas




The amount of plastic waste resulting from travel sized products inspired a dispenser design for Moroccanoil.

This product maintains the luxury, cleanliness, and safety that comes with travel-sized packaging, without compromising brand recognition and maximizing on sustainability. Inspired by the brand’s signature bottle, this design would be well recognized. The choice of glass is pertinent because it can be recycled universally and infinitely. The silicone reservoir creates a vacuum seal that can be installed right side up and locked in place with a metal hinge/wall mount. The pieces could be replaced if damaged and therefore, the whole mechanism doesn’t need to be disgarded.



Eyewear design, color renderings, and trend forecasting for the North American brands, Tory Burch, Coach, Michael Kors and Brooks Brothers, under the world’s largest eyewear company.

Shape, concept and construction ideation for sun and optical frames are the first steps in building an eyewear collection. Technical sketches are complete with front, top and side views of the frames, as well as lens measurements to communicate construction to manufacturing teams. Color renderings help the license envision color selections for each style before the frames are put into production, shot for lookbooks, and released to consumers as a new collection.



An ant grinder to transform reluctancy to eat insects into new exciting flavors to taste.

Myrm is an exploration of adaptive lifestyle design with more traditional materiality. As we move into an age where alternative protein sources are more widely adopted, our utensils and servers will adapt to the change in tandem. This tool is meant to transform the perception entomophagy. The ants are ground into the body of the tool itself, breaking them down to activate the flavors and look more like black sesame or nori. By grinding the ants, citrus flavor notes and antioxidants are activated and released. The accompanying etched brass book further outlines the etymology and benefits of ants in our diet. 



A lamp that both highlights and protects that in which you need illumination to truly experience.

Artifice highlights our assumptions and dependency on facades. Inner worlds are revealed the same way truth is, unexpectedly, behind an artifice that doesn't let you in without illumination. This piece would make an ideal centerpiece that showcases the lush plants that web the inside of the geometric outer shell.