A global conglomerate that specializes in luxury goods and how they are recognized. They assure, maintain, and heighten the perception of luxury relating to their products.
Create a different experience and  installation for a new fragrance launch event for Guerlain. The event is hosted at a Sephora store for the Sephora customer.

This creative breifing expeirence was delivered by a team of marketing directors across a handful of LVMH’s brands, and presented within 24 hours for the rest of the company’s marketing and art directors.

IIT Gandhinagar

Working with the Indian Institute of Technology, an interdisplinary project, Design for the Billions, brought engineering students and design students together to problem solve collaborating with their respective skills.
Some of the projects explored included, simple applications for solving problems, cheap, accessible prosthetics, data collection for underprivleged areas, and documentation. 

AgTech X

Launched in 2017, AgTech X creates unique content and programming focused on the future of food and farming in cities to connect early adopters, startups, and large brands.
Develop concepts for a prototype zero-waste food/agriculture incubator.

Prototype facility that will allow new, zero-waste food & agriculture businesses to pilot their operations, gather critical data, and prove their concept; as well as to raise the general public’s awareness of the environmental and business costs of food waste.

Google Creative Lab

Palm Ditch Steal is a 48-hour experiential design workshop hosted by the Parsons Making Center. This iterative design workshop invited 15 designers to collaborate and present a final product direction by the end of the two day period.